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The eclectic tatter from Puerto Rico: meet Wally Sosa!

I'm so glad to start this long journey in the land of creativity with this special and so original tatter!
I can see Wally's creations via facebook, and she often strikes my imagination with her originality.

Wally learnt tatting in 1990, falling in love with a shuttle and sticking to her new technique which has become to her the first expression of her creativity, as well as a relaxing therapy.

Could you imagine any tribal tatting?
I couldn't...not until I saw this beautiful set.           

Tatting is known to be one of the finest   laces techniques, reaching its best when done with very thin cotton threads. And this is undoubtedly true when it's about doilies, or runners, or borders. But when it comes to jewels we have to start think differently.
To tat this set Wally employed a thick cotton thread, enriching it with beautiful glass and wood beads. The design is really simple, yet absolutely original.
(See this set here :

Just like this other set, also tatted with a thick cotton thread, and enriched with glass beads: a simple pattern design, for an effective result


I know it's absolutely personal, but I love these necklaces!

....Yet...another surprise!...this cute 'Victorian miser bag' is really something special,
imagine a bride's hanky bag...or a bridesmaid could not figure a better jewel.
In my thoughts, this could also be a beautiful bonbonniere, a surely appreciated gift for your marriage guests, or for a Confirmation...

Its pattern reminds me of an ancient book of patterns for young ladies learning and practicing tatting beside the window,...just as we ourselves sometimes do...beside the TV..., and maybe one of these tatting books is where Wally found this pattern, but most of the times she creates her patterns herself, designing something brand new.

Pattern design is in fact another of her talents: she has collected her original designs in 6 self-published books which you can find in her Etsy shop: one whole book about Celtic tatting, one collection of bookmarks, and one entirely dedicated to hearts!
Here you can find, together with her original patterns, also new hints and ideas employing unusual materials for this traditional technique

As you can see, Wally used a particular unusual thread in the middle of this bookmark: she likes to explore all possibilities: this may sometimes be frustrating, when you just happen to find out that you worked for a bad result, but satisfactions are surely overwhelming delusions!

This is tatted around a hair elastic: can you imagine how the effect would be once worn?...a rich sparkling effect!

You can find her books here:


Would you belive you could tat with a T-shirt?...mmmh...
Well..I know what the immediate answer would be,'s wally's idea:

Here's how she cut one t-shirt, obtaining 34 yards of tarn, and tatting them into a simple butterfly trivet

Here's one of the hearts patterns you can find in her book 'From my heart' (
I like how she mixed different shuttle techniques: split ring and twisted chain in such an unusual way, obtaining an unexpected result.

Another use of the twisted chain can be seen in Wally's latest creation: here's a bracelet in which she combines a triple twisted chain inserting a rhinestone initial letter:

If you like these beautiful rhinestone letters, you would find it quite hard to use them in tatting. Well, here's the way! 

Now, to close this post, let me show you an absolute beauty: what would you wear if you wanted to be sure everybody would comment and appreciate?
Here it is:

Much more than a scarf, this is a work of art and patience. It's one of those things you are so proud to wear and to show.
To tat this you need ability and patience, and love for this beautiful art.

So, is Wally a surprise for you? ...a nice discover I would say... 

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