The Handcrafter Christmas Fair

Beautiful Christmas red hand tatted earrings from Gaëlle

Find them on Etsy:

How gorgeous this paper box! Now you can make it yourself by purchasing Teresa's Pdf document which will allow you to craft this little wonder. You can use it as a gift itself, or just for wrapping your Christmas gifts, making them even more precious!
Find it here:

Wow! This Corsetti or Croxetti pasta stamp is something I'm very familiar with: Corsetti are, in fact, a typical pasta from my region, Liguria, and I'm really pleased to see this tradition is carried on in the States! 
These stamps are hand made by Johanna and you can find them in her Etsy shop:

These hand painted stones are beautiful and meaningful: let Kamai tell you their stories. Visit her shop and see her wonderful works of art:

This handmade handbag will be perfect for a young girl or a student, since it is capable and resistant. reena is also offering a discount for your purchase, so please visit her Etsy shop for more:

A precious Made in Italy gift: this maiolica hand painted dish is one piece of the Venetian maiolica art tradition.
Take a look at Daniela's shop for more wonders:

Beautiful copper wire handmade pendant, a unique gift from Magdalena. Find it on Etsy:

How cute are these outfits?
Perfect idea for baby twin gifts, but you can also find them sold separately in PrettyInPink Etsy shop.
Find them here:

Mummy loves cooking! Here's her perfect gift: a beautiful hand made in Italy recipe book, perfectly crafted and really original.
Please check Flaminia's Etsy shop for other ideas!

Some Christmas Spirit in a tiny handmade hand painted key case, made of genuine leather.
See the beautiful gift ideas Elena makes in her Etsy shop: from small accesories to hand bags, everything will surely be so appreciated!

A sweet crocheted mobile for a sweet little baby...
This one is handmade with love by Sigita.
Find it here:

For your book-addicted friends here's a tiny book to wear, a beautiful tiny necklace pendant, handmade just for you.
Find it here:

Thinking about Dad's Christmas Gift! Here's Anna's handmade leather photo album... just add one picture of you...
Find it here:

A simple versatile precious handmade necklace: Irena employs silver finition accessories, and precious Miyuki beads to create her beautiful bijoux. 
See her Etsy shop:

Tiny baby booties for tiny baby feet, 
handmade and customizable, choose your size and find other colours in Littlepeach Etsy shop!

A sparkling bangle bracelet made just for you will be perfect for your Christmas time!
Find it at Francesca's Etsy shop:

Mira is going to knit it just for you! Her handmade beanies and accessories are unique and customizable, find them here:

Beautiful and sweet, an unforgettable unique handmade toy...
Find this and other cuddles here:

I love these little house ornaments: they're fit to be tree hangings, but also perfect to build your Christmas village decoration. Handmade by Stonewarestudiouk, visit the Etsy shop for more wonders!
Find them here:

So sweet! These are hand crocheted with love from Edita. You can find baby booties wonders in her Etsy shop, take a look for your handmade with love gifts! 
Find them here:

A piece of beauty for a dollshouse: completely handmade and embroidered in silk, this is a precious piece for any collector.
See what Barbara creates in her Etsy shop:

How cute is this Elf baby bonnet...sweet and warm handmade bonnets for your babies in Natalya's Etsy shop:

These beautiful light are an origami creation, handmade by Mel. You can find wonderful origami lamps and light in her Etsy shop:

Absolutely original! This necklace pendant is handmade using wood colours: for your small Christmas gifts here are beautiful unique accessories all made with coloured pencils. 
Check Bluanne Etsy shop for more:
The magic of Christmas in a locket. You can find it in Poli's Etsy shop, and also ask her for a customized gift! 
Take a look here:

A real unique gift, handmade and hand decorated, this watch is a real original idea!
Find more at Claro1968 Etsy shop!

A re-generated doll coming to new life: Pupette gives a new story to old dolls, painting them a new face, making new clothes and giving them a new character. 
Each of her dolls is unique!

Are you making your Christmas gift and decorations with your own hands?...Here's a beautiful tutorial for a beautiful idea!
Find it here:
Joanna makes beautiful unique enamel and resin jewellery. These red hearts earrings will be perfect for Christmas. 
So simple and easy to wear, they will surely be much appreciated!
Find them and other beauties here:

What a beautiful doll to crochet! For your crochet addicted friends: what better than an original amigurumi tutorial-pattern?
...Spupazzando has different dolls patterns on sale in her Etsy shop, find them here:

...Not just a Christmas tree ornament, this cutie owl can also be a pendant to wear and take with you whenever you want...or a keychain pendant...or...

Surely muuuch appreciated! From VictoriaArt, find it here, together with her other amazing creations!

This sweetie is ready to become one little girl best friend! ...

If you wish to make someone happy...wether a child or a woman, here's what you are looking for...

From Lucretia, find her Etsy shop here:

It's so beautiful to have candles atmosphere...Teresa's candles are wholly home-made and beautifully fragrant!
Find them here:

Sweet and cute handmade felt ornaments for your Christmas! These come together as Christmas tree decorations, about wearing them as brooches?.... Wow! Nice gift ideas, aren't they?

Here's what Lynn is suggesting you can gift to a lady who loves beautiful objects. This is a spoon rest kitchenware, One of a kind! 
Find it in her Etsy store:

How beautiful and unique is this handmade macarons charms bracelet!
Visit Lidia's Etsy shop for your unique handmade Christmas gifts!

A special unique gift, fit for every house: this is a hand crocheted rug, so essentially beautiful!
You can also ask Blage to crochet one just as you like it!
Find her here:

A two-gifts-in-one: you are gifting a beautiful hand knitted hat and a small scarf...or a headband.
A surely welcome gift!Find it in Julia's Etsy shop, knitting in Moscow to everywhere!

See how perfect this set is... knitted and crocheted with care and rich in details from Tetiana's original model. Find much more in her Etsy shop:

If you are thinking about a gift for your pet-lover friend, here's a perfect one! Handmade amigurumi key holder, and other beauties at ArtsomeDesign Etsy shop!Find it here:

Looking for a perfect gift for him is never easy! you are! All handmade, simple leather wallet from Sergej. Fint this and more ideas in his Etsy shop:

Lovely colours and all-handmade! This crocheted bracelet will surely be a precious gift !
Find Gwen's work of art in her Etsy shop:

Think about someone who loves a perfectly set table for Christmas...receiving this gift...
Sometimes small things can make a difference: these are sooo original and unique!
Find them here:

These earrings are hand painted on a wood base by Natali. They will surely be appreciated: we all love to wear unique objects! 
Find more here:

Little girls love to be trendy! so...for your little friends, here is something special they will love to wear! 
Ask Christina for customized items, and give special gifts!
Here's where:

Do you want to be absolutely unique?...Do you want your gift to be remarked and remembered?...Here's what you're looking for: find it at LilJo's!

Beautiful is also useful! This warm scarf is a unique handmade piece by Coco, from Australia.
See her handmade sea breeze coloured items in her Etsy shop:

The beauty of Nature...These handmade rustic stands and candle holders will enhance the peaceful and warm atmosphere of Christmas... Find Andres beautiful works here:

Not just for Christmas, this is really unique, handmade suede jewel set in red. Something really precious to be worn..or gifted...!
Find Styledonna's unique pieces here:

Everybody will surely appreciate this beautiful hand dyed scarf, so simple and easy to wear, yet elegant and precious. Don't miss one of bySanz creations!
Find them here:

This is Nantia's idea for wishing a Merry Christmas and....announcing the arrival of a baby!
Her crocheted tiny sets are so sweet and beautiful! You can find them here:

These beautiful jewels are hand made with precious Swarovskji and japanese seed beads, while the hooks are gold filled: would you not call them more than jewels?
Find your precious gifts here:

Green is the colour of Nature: gift one unique work of art made with upcycled cachemire sweaters, or see what wonders Barbara can make in her Etsy shop:

This tiny beauty will be loved at first sight!
This and many more Natasha is offering to you in her Etsy shop!
Find it here:

Please remark the details!: ...I love that half moon hanging from the zipper!
A small useful gift that may be perfect for many occasions!
Take a look at ervina's Etsy shop and find many other:

Sweet, warm and beautiful cocoon set for a baby's first Christmas!
Find this and more wonders handmade by Rima in her Etsy shop:

You know what makes a cat-addicted feel happy?...Cat themed gifts! you are!
Find this handmade clock here:

Fint this and many more customized jewels at jacleens Boutique Etsy shop:

Really unique steampunk hot pink pendant, made with resin and real watch parts over one domino tile. See what Karen makes in her Etsy shop:

A beautiful natural handmade candle is a beautiful welcome gift for anyone, making a rich Christmas atmosphere!
Marsha makes her candles with care, using only natural wax and fragrance oils. Find her candles here:

A couple of handmade house decorations for your Christmas wishes!
Find them in Artefyk Etsy shop:

A nice detail and so very original gift for those friends who like to decorate their Christmas tables!
Find more at Valknitting Etsy shop:

Any little girl would love to wear this beautiful handmade outfit for Christmas!
Can you imagine just how much joy you can bring?
Find this here:

A nice, good luck gift: handmade by a professional lab. scented soaps and a beautiful Home ornament.
Find this and more handmade soaps here:

Christmas colours in this bracelet, made with handmade lampwork glass beads. Perfect to be worn on Christmas...and every day! 
Find it here:  

A new hat is never too much! Especially if it's handmade!
This is one of the many beautiful  hats Lenore designs and makes, find them in her Etsy shop:

I love this decoration, featuring the whole family, it gives a sense of unity and love...
Find it here:

This is a vintage pendant in silver, with turquoise and lapis stones.
Don't you love the sun and moon in it?
Find it here:

See what Hara is realizing in her shop, in Greece: she makes wonderful ceramic jewels, each is surely going to be absolutely unique.
See more here:

So simple and so gorgeous: a beautiful design in a small place...Find it here:

Want to be sure to make someone happy?....
Here is the perfect idea: Matching set mittens and socks will be perfect!
For more choice, see here:

This beautiful hand crocheted bag is nothing you could ever find in any shop! A unique gift which is surely being 'loved at first sight'! From Thailand, see the beautiful handmade works of siriwan! Find them here:
If you believe in fairies...Here's Abigail's Christmas Spirit fairy, she makes each little pendant/ornament using imagination and...polymer clay.
Visit her shop here:

A beautiful sparkling joyful heart will bring joy to the lucky one who will receive it! Cheryl creates her unique decorations using buttons, Swarovskji rhinestones, cabochons and pearls making each of them precious and one-of-a-kind!
Find her here:

Once upon a time...there were three elves-friends, living in three tiny elves-houses...

These are handmade in clay.
Find them here:
This is a small toy-blanket : baby will be busy
playing with the coloured ribbons around it. 
First toy blanket! Find it here:

...A Summer Dream can also be gifted for Christmas... Sea and shells are what these handmade dreams are made of...
Find them here:

Handmade glycerin base soaps are an easy gift for all! Shipping from Greece, Ivana offers you a 10% discount until Dec 21st. on your purchases over 50€, check discount coupon! Find it here:

I bet you have a cat-addicted friend who would be super happy to receive this!
Find it here:

Onyx beads and pure sterling silver for daddy-boyfriend-bestfriend Christmas gift. Male vanity shall be satisfied! 
Find more 'male' ideas here:

Ellie make original cuff bracelets using her own designed and handmade woven beads. 
That is how you will be gifting something you could not find anywhere else...

Christmas atmosphere can be found in tiny things...
Here are beautiful simple tiny earrings for a small gift.Find them here:

This Christmas tree decoration is perfect for a baby's first Christmas. It can be customized and personalized .

Find it in Nayas shop:

This beautiful delicate necklace will be a perfect gift, to be worn in every occasion...

Handmade from Nakkashe, who takes great care of particulars, with beautiful turkish oya thread.
Find this and other beautiful handmade items in her Etsy shop:

How nice and perfect are these Christmas decorations....So carefully handmade, from Italy, perfect for your house...
Find much more at Mielikki's Etsy shop:

This beautiful necklace has a really original neat design, easy to wear on casual or elegant outfit.
Find it and other beauties here:

Get ready for Christmas making some small gifts yourself! 
if you like to crochet, or have crochet addicted friends, why not gift Patterns?... You can find many here:

These earrings are so simple and unique. Their golde accents makes them  perfect to be worn on Christmas.
Find them here:

This handbag made in high quality eco-friendly cotton fabrics and jute will be a One Of A Kind gift. Fully handmade and hand embroidered by Apopsis from Greece. Find her here:

More for cat-lovers! if you happen to have a cat-addicted friend, be sure there's nothing better than a black cat handmade bracelet!
Find it here:

How good can it be when you have guests and you have to cook?....Veeery good! If you can wear this beautiful Christmas infused apron!
Find it here:

A precious decoration for your house, or a special gift. Really beautiful and absolutely unique. Find this and other wonders here:

Find many  original handmade gifts for your friends at Knitserenity's shop... So nice and absolutely affordable!

Not just a lamp! This is unique, made in metal, with resin handmade flowers on the tree's branches. 
An important gift!
Find it here:

A sweet Christmas outfit for your little Princess! \Find it at Ladybugs'!

These mandalas pendants are designed and created by Mila, absolutely original, and surely appreciated.
Find other wonderful original Mandalas at Mila's Etsy shop:

Make children happy with this Puppy Patrol mask set. Handmade in felt by Emily.
Find them in her Etsy shop:
A Work-of Art ring, hand created out of a copper sheet. This is just one of Ann's unique creations, find more here!

A simple way to say Merry Christmas! Denise can make beautiful simple customized gift for you!Find her Etsy shop here:

Plenty of handmade Christmas decorations in CIcrea's Etsy shop. A gift to yourself or to a friend, they'll bring joy and beauty!

Are you gifting your own homemade liquors, cookies, marmalades etc...?
Labelin can help you make your gifts special and perfect by creating your own customized labels.
Find the Etsy shop here:
What about a custom personalized family established sign? A great idea! 
Find more original hints at BohemianLillydesigns:

Beautifully simple, and absolutely unique. Raw Amethyst gemstone wrapped in silver wire.
Find it here:

Gabriella Gitto makes wonderful Couture with mastery and attention for the details: this dress performs beautiful handmade tulle flowers which give it a touch of elegance and lightness...
A few examples of her works can be seen in her Etsy shop, you can ask her for any customization.

How do you love this little cat?...Danica makes her own hand sewn and hand painted bags and accessories, and her drawings are always gorgeous! See her creations in her Etsy shop, and enjoy those beauties!
You'll be twice as happy if you are a cat-addicted!

This is going to be a really precious gift, handmade with Kimono Obi silk fabric, you are going to keep it or gift it like a jewel.
Find other wonderful creations by Shizuko in her Etsy shop:

This beautiful Sakura flowes bracelet is handmade in Lithuania by JuliMar with Czech seed beads and cotton. Perfect to be gifted alone, or with other matching bracelets or necklaces.
Find JuliMar here:

A beautiful handmade ornament, perfect for your Christmas Tree, for your front door, and for any occasion! Made with clay and painted with acrylic colours. See Flora's creations here:

See what Zoriana makes with natural fabrics and wool: these dolls are meant especially for Christmas, bringing joy for this special occasion; but other wonders are waiting to be discovered in her Etsy shop: I love her berets and felted cuff bracelets!
Find her here:

Katia makes beautiful accessories with her own hand felted pure natural wool, like these slippers: so warm and comfortable...and gooorgeous! A real cuddly gift ! Check her Etsy shop here:

Absolutely Unique! This handmade bag is made with real metal chicken coop wire, for all those who love to wear original and unconventional accessories.
See other surprises at Sivia's Etsy shop:

Would you like to gift a cuddle?...Here are handmade chemical free cuddles for a mom-to-be, a friend, a bride...
Find Chloe's natural beauty handcrafts in her Etsy shop:

All you cat-lovers!!! What a nice idea, pretty customized little gift for our little puppies!
See Shannon's customized T-shirts for everyone in her Etsy shop:

This beautiful handmade quilted runner will be perfect in your house! is only one of the many pretty objects Nadine creates for you. Find her here:

I find this enamel vintage wreath brooch really gorgeous! Coming from the 60's but still capable of making someone happy!
Find it here:

These beautiful bright colours will be such a joyful welcome hanging on your door!
See Karin's handmade wreaths in her Etsy shop:

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    1. Thank you Sarah! I find them all lovely and great gift ideas! ...Love that apron, too ...!

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  9. Thank you so much for your appreciation! I am really glad you like my work and I wish everyone of us handcrafters a big success!

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